Consumer/Housing Task Force Meeting

Consumer/Housing Task Force Agenda
September 24, 2015

12:00 Introductions, Welcome and Lunch

12:15 Student Loan Collection Issues – Loree Stark, ARDF-Richmond and Stephanie Willis, LAS-Louisville

Loree recently gave a presentation on student loan law at the annual collection law seminar, and she will share the highlights from this. Specifically, how to issue spot for student loan problems, how to assist with defaults, garnishments, and disability discharges, etc. Stephanie will discuss a recent issue with collection of school debt owed to a state university through the Department of Revenue.

1:15 VAWA Housing Protections - Art Crosby, Lexington Fair Housing Council

Art will discuss additional tenant rights in public and subsidized housing that apply to victims of domestic violence – such as not being evicted for an incident of domestic violence; access to subsidized housing, etc.

1:45 Break

2:00 Legislative Forecast – Rich Seckel and Anne Marie Regan, KEJC

We will have a focused discussion on legislative campaigns we already know about – such as non-judicial foreclosure (the bankers already have a draft bill), and efforts to get URLTA passed statewide. We will also talk about an issue the Task Force has identified as needing a possible legislative fix – improving exemptions for consumers, specifically protecting some portion of bank account funds from garnishment.

2:30 CFPB Enforcement Actions in 2015 – Stephanie Willis, LAS

Stephanie will enlighten us about the CFPB’s enforcement actions so far this year. This will include a discussion of the CFPB’s enforcement action against the nation’s two largest debt buyers and collectors (Encore and Portfolio Recovery) for using deceptive tactics to collect bad debts. The CFPB has ordered the companies to overhaul their debt collection and litigation practices, stop reselling debts to third parties and pay hefty consumer refunds and penalties.

3:00 Short Topics/Case Discussion

Case Discussion - Do you have any cases you’d like to brainstorm about? Bring us your cases to discuss.

Any thoughts on topics for future task force meetings?

3:15 Adjourn