2018 General Assembly

KEJC monitors a wide range of bills in the General Assembly
Our bill tracking charts are organized by topic for quick review. They contain links to the legislature's own website, so you can quickly check the status of a bill, read the summary or read the bill itself and any amendments.

Here are our charts on the 2018 Regular Session of the General Assembly:

New Bills

Our final list of New Bills shows selected measures filed from February 26 through the filing deadlines in the House (February 27) and Senate (March 1).

Master Chart

Our updated Master Chart offers a broad list of bills affecting low income people and communities, plus some that simply figure prominently in this year's legislative debates. It's up to date through the filing deadlines.

Top Bills

We also create a somewhat shorter list of Top Bills that could affect low income people and communities or the practice of poverty law. Come back soon.

For a complete list of bills filed in the General Assembly, view the legislature's own excellent website at www.lrc.ky.gov

Come back in January for our 2019 General Assembly bill tracking charts!