Health Equity Challenge

We met our Dollar-for-dollar match!

It’s time to celebrate! Our 2011 Health Equity Challenge reached the finish line just before New Year's Day. We met our $20,000 campaign goal, and a little more. Every dollar up to $20,000 will be matched by an equal amount by Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati. You can help, too Just click the Donate Now button and select "Health Equity Challenge" as your program designation. Your donation will support our new Heatlh Law Fellowship.


Join our list of Heatlh Equity Campaign donors!
Peter and Gila Acker
Cathy Allgood Murphy
Isela Arras
Jeffrey Been
Kip Bowmar
Robert Brown & Brenda White
George & Mary Cartwright
Drs. Julia & Timothy Costich
Scott Crocker
Cassandra Culin & Thomas Ellison
Cull & Hayden, PSC
Dick Cullison
Kate Cunningham
Dee Deakins
Catherine Drees-DiBello and Thomas A. DiBello
Cathy Ford and Everett Hoffman
Christopher Frost
Jonathan D. Golby
Bob Gray
Chris Griffin
Kay Guinane and Robert Cunningham
Cathy Hinko
Michael Hubbuch
Marian McClure Taylor
Michal & Scott Mello
Debra Miller
Jodi Mitchell
Nora R. Moosnick
Kim Murphy
Col Owens
Robert Rodriguez
Sheila A. Schuster
Teresa Searcy
Rich Seckel
Amy Shir
Fred Smith
Will Snyder
Taylor, Keller & Oswald
John Young & Gretchen Hunt
Ken Zeller

Thanks also to fellowship sponsor Kentucky Domestic Violence Association, staff of Appalred Somerset for putting us in the hat for a drawing for a holiday donation, a generous family fund at Blue Grass Community Foundation and several anonymous donors.

Health Equity Challenge nears the finish line! You can help!

Health Equity Campaign Letter

Dear Friends,

Happy holidays, healthy holidays, and good news! Thanks to generous individuals, small grants and sponsors, our Health Equity Challenge is near the finish line. You can help us reach our goal. It’s a great opportunity to strengthen and sustain our health care advocacy. Until the end of the year, we can instantly double your investment. A generous foundation will match every dollar we raise for our Health Law Fellowship—up to $20,000—with funds for all our work. The good news: today we’re less than $1,000 from the finish line!

Right now, every little bit helps. Please donate today so we can reach our goal. You’ll join a growing group of supporters. (See above.) To donate securely online, click the Donate Now button and select “Health Equity Challenge” as your program designation.

You know we will use it well. When it comes to health care, Kentucky Equal Justice Center has a great track record, a great team and a unique capacity to tackle poverty law issues, including health law —in Frankfort, in the courts and in communities. In recent years, we have:

  • gone to court to protect seniors and people with disabilities from losing long term care
  • helped change the law to protect homes in bankruptcy—all too often caused by medical debt
  • worked to make sure government notices tell people clearly of their rights and responsibilities

This year, two foundations invested in one of our long term goals: a dedicated Health Law Fellow to focus full time on health care. The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati and the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky helped us launch the Fellowship. Health Law Fellow Anne Hadreas joined our staff in April. In just a few months, she researched and filed comments to make sure that health insurance premium dollars go to health care, traveled the state speaking to groups about consumer rights in Medicaid managed care, and much more.

This week Anne and our team finished up wide-ranging comments on Kentucky’s new Medicaid managed care regulations. We addressed topics like hearing rights when care is denied, language access and mental health parity. I won’t go further “into the weeds,” as they say. But it’s worthy, necessary work.

The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati has offered a dollar-for-dollar challenge. If we raise funds to sustain the Fellowship, they will match them with dollars for use in all our work. We’ve never had an offer like this before. Won’t you help us meet our goal?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Richard J. Seckel

P.S. Please donate to our 2011 Health Equity Challenge today—and remember that your investment will be instantly doubled!