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Thanks to our online donors through the Good Giving Challenge 2016

Here is the list of online Good Giving donors through December 31. (Scroll down for donors by mail and other online platforms.)

Good Giving Donors

Elizabeth Abbott
Peter Acker in my daughter's name, Daniella Acker, a fervent supporter of social justice
Adkins Family Foundation
Gundelinda Allin
Jason M. Bailey
Emily Beauregard
Jenny E. Beene-Skuban
Jennifer L. Benjamin
Aaron Bentley
Beth Blankenship
Amanda L. Bledsoe
Blue Grass Community Foundation employee match for Scott Fitzpatrick
Robin Del Bove
Shannan A. Boyer
James D. Breazeale
Sean Brenner supporting Loree Stark and Lennie Briscoe (feline edition)
Matt Bricken
Robert Bricken
Sarah K. Brown
Martha Brown
Lindsey T. Burke in honor of Spencer Mancillas
Leslie Bush in honor of Lowell and Joan Bush
Benjamin W. Carter
Roberta Chase
Danielle Clore in honor of Rich Seckel
Brenda Combs
Brian Cook
Julia F. Costich
Gregory E. Coulson
Joshua Crabtree
Colette Crown
Beverly Davis
Charles L. Davis
Jesse Dean
Jacqueline DeCroo
Pat D. Delahanty
Frank Dickey
Sara Drabik
William Emmons in honor of Dale and Alison Emmons
Alyson L. English
Janice Estus
Taylor Ewing
Rachel Firkins for a more just, verdant and peaceful Kentucky
Thomas FitzGerald in honor of Anne Marie and Rich
Scott B. Fitzpatrick
Kathleen Franklin
Christopher W. Frost
Terrie J. Gale
Brenda Gatlin
John Gibson
Scott Gibson
David Gierlach
Nancy S. Goulson
Carla Gover
Bob Gray
Nathaniel D. Green
Dr. Chris A. Green
Vanessa Grossl
Betty Hall
Mary Courtney Ham
Gayle Hammond
Josophia D. Harl
Rachel M. Harrod
Jessica Hays
Joe D. Hedges
Richard Heine
Sarah Henry
Michele Henry
Kevin Gudgel Henry
Thomas A. Herrick
N. Hey
Anne Archer Hinkle
Cathy Hinko
Sarah Stewart Holland
Holly J. Hughes in appreciation for Nathalie Dietrich
Jacquelynn Humphrey
Esther C. Hurlburt
Michele M. Johnson
Guion L. Johnstone in honor of Marilyn, Nathalie, and Sofia's work at Maxwell Street Legal Clinic
Elise Johnstone
Corinne E. Keel
Rudy Keel
Shauna King-Simms
Stefanie J. Kingsley
James Kruer
Beth Lake
Dean Langdon
William Slayden Lentz
Joy Lentz
Bill Lentz
Dante Lima
Kathy Loeb
Steven F. Longhurst
Kyser Lough
Heather Mahoney
Mitchell Family Foundation
Jeffrey K. May
Maurie McGarvey in gratitude for the important work you do
Emily D. McGill
Benjamin McMaine
Andrea Miller
Debra S. Miller recognizing the good work of Rich Seckel and his staff
Jenny A. Minier
Richard J. Mitchell
Amanda Moore
Laura Morarity
Ryan K. Morris
Anne E. Nash
Jessica Neamon
Mary O'Doherty in honor of Rich Seckel and his steadfast leadership
Marci J. Owen
Addison Parker
Freddy E. Peralta
Wesley T. Phelps
Lucy H. Raine
Barbara E. Ramlow
Jean V. Rosenberg
John Rosenberg
Thara Russell
Jean Sabharwal
Stephen A. Sanders
Karri A. Sandino
Richard Seckel
John P. Selegue
Adam Sheehan
Amy Beth Shir
Beth A. Silvers
Tim Siniard
James Gregory Stark
Greta H. Stark
Loree Stark
Sturgill, Turner, Barker & Moloney in honor of our friend and mentor Gardner Turner
Julie Stewart
Cara Stewart
Tom J. Streeter for Carla and me
Anderson R. Tallent in the name of William Sebastian Tallent
Anderson Tallent in memory of Irma Stewart Tallent
Isabel Taylor
H. Nichole Taylor
Diana J. Taylor
The Taylor-Cheek Fund
Melissa Tidwell
Griffin Van Meter
James Varagona
Rebecca Whaley
Laura B. Whitaker in honor of Jessica Christensen, Mary Catherine Starr, Samuel Christensen, and Charlie Mae Starr Vaneria
Joanna T. Woodsmall
Susan G. Zepeda

Donors by mail and other online services since October 1, 2016

Adkins Family Foundation
Alpenglow Foundation in honor of Marilyn Daniel
Alice and Dwight Auvenshine
Berea Interfaith Task Force for Peace
Donna Bialosky in honor of Jonathan Bialosky
Aleta Botts
Bob Brown
Stanley Brunn
Evelyn & Ralph Christensen in honor of Marilyn Daniel
Church of Christ United, Berea
Marie Cull
Dick Cullison
Kate Cunningham in honor of McKenzie Cantrell
Stuart and Tami Daniel
Amy Dougherty
Frances Duncan in honor of Marilyn Daniel
Susan Durant
Nancie Field in memory of Gwendolyn Field Sither
Betty Gabehart
Karlin and Said Gahbrial
Jon Golby
Bruce Gordon
Norma Guzman
Ed Henry
Everett Hoffman and Cathy Ford
Hugh and Patricia Huffman
Tammy Johnstone
Katherine Johnstone
William Johnstone
Kathryn Jones in honor of Marilyn Daniel
Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church
Michelle Jones
Melinda Karns
Warren Keller in honor of John Rosenberg
Kelly Nursery
Robert and Sonia Kirkman
Daniel and Judy Lane in honor of Marilyn Daniel
Barbara Lawrence
Cynthia Lopez de Haro
Tad Myre
Susan Owens
Ann Render
Nayda Reinhardt
Ray and Denise Reynolds
Brian Rich in honor of Ben Figueras
Robert Rodriguez
Schatzki Family Charitable Fund
Sheila Schuster, PhD
Second Presbyterian Church
Sandra Senft
Mary Jo Shircliffe
Jane Stephenson in honor of Marilyn Daniel
John Tackett
Mamadou Thiaw
Wayne and Marguerite Waddell
Lynn Weak
Vernon and Donna Wiehe
Monique and Paul Winther
Jeanne Woodberry
Alpenglow Foundation in honor of Marilyn Daniel