General Assembly

KEJC monitors a wide range of bills in the General Assembly. Our bill tracking charts are organized by topic for quick review. They contain links to the legislature's own website, so you can quickly check the status of a bill, read the summary or read the bill itself and any amendments.

Here are our charts for the 2020 and 2019 Regular Session of the General Assembly.

Top Bills in the 2020 General Assembly

As lawmakers approach the home stretch, check out our Top Forty and longer Top Bills list. We've updated them to show bills sent to the Governor, signed or vetoed through April 3.


The lists focus on measures that could affect legal aid clients and cases and the communities we serve.  We've also included several of general interest, including what's become the coronavirus relief bill, SB 150.

New Bills in the 2020 General Assembly

Here's our list of New Bills filed March 2 through March 4, when the filing deadlines passed for both House and Senate.

2020 Master Chart

Our 2020 Master Chart combines our weekly New Bills updates into a single comprehensive list.  It's up to date through the House and Senate filing deadlines.


Prefiled Bills for the 2020 General Assembly

See our comprehensive listing of Prefiled Bills of interest made public through December 31, 2019.    

2019 Master Chart

Our 2019 Master Chart combined our weekly New Bills updates into a single comprehensive list.

2019 Top Bills

Looking for a shorter version?  See our Top Bills and a special streamlined Legal Services Edition for busy practitioners, with a special emphasis on family and housing law.


For a complete list of bills filed in the General Assembly, view the legislature's own excellent website.

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