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Ensuring equal justice for all Kentuckians

Kentucky Equal Justice Center is a non-profit poverty law advocacy center.

The mission of Kentucky Equal Justice Center is to promote equal justice for all residents of the Commonwealth by serving as an advocate for low income and other vulnerable members of society.


Kentucky Equal Justice Center was formed in 1976 to work with all the civil legal services programs in Kentucky on things best done cooperatively, from training to brief banks to advocacy in Frankfort.  We serve as a watchdog and advocate for and with a wide range of low-income Kentuckians — from children to elders in long-term care — and keep in touch with a network of poverty law offices where people bring real-life problems.  Today, we are a growing, flexible, and responsive public interest advocacy organization, sticking up for low-income people and working with a multitude of community partners.  Our track record is strong: from the lawsuit that successfully challenged nursing home cutoffs in 2003, to legislative successes on human trafficking and mortgage lending, to innovative litigation to collect wages due workers, to ever-growing partnerships with public interest allies.  




2014 Winner of Consumer Reports Excellence in Consumer Advocacy Award

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