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UPDATE: City of Bowling Green Votes to Evict Kentucky Gardens Residents

In a disappointing but not entirely unexpected turn of events, the Bowling Green Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the first reading of real estate developers Eddie and Joy Hanks’ re-zoning request for their 'Digs on the River' project, despite pleading and opposition from Kentucky Gardens Mobile Home Park tenants, who now face imminent eviction in a year's time.

According to Joy Hanks, she and her husband went door-to-door to each Kentucky Gardens resident to give them a timeline for the project: resident are guaranteed the plot of land their mobile home units sit on until July 31, 2024 provided they “maintain the parameters of lease conditions.” By the end of April of 2024, the Hanks will provide additional project updates, including an updated timeline on extended lot rentals and notices to vacate the property, when necessary.

During the Board of Commissioners' discussion on the situation, Commissioners Dana Beasley-Brown and Carlos Bailey both noted that changes to the local laws and regulations must be made in order to address the city’s affordable housing crisis.

According to Bowling Green Neighborhood and Community Services director Brent Childers, even the wait for Section 8 housing vouchers could take years, leaving many Kentucky Gardens residents scrambling for a solution by next summer.

Want to learn more about how this fight started? Read our first blog post about Kentucky Gardens here.

Want to help? Sign this petition demanding financial compensation for Kentucky Gardens residents to assist them in their upcoming relocation.

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