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KEJC COVID-19 Resources

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You deserve it. State and federal officials are changing public benefits programs in response to the coronavirus pandemic. KEJC and allies are keeping track.

The information changes rapidly. We will update you as we learn more. See our latest update below on how to get food, health coverage, childcare, unemployment, and help with housing.

View a list of the Governor's executive actions to date.

Unemployment Insurance

To Apply visit: Kentucky Career Center or call 502-875-0442

  • The usual “waiting week” for benefits has been eliminated.

  • Job search requirements have been suspended.

  • Applicants will need to provide a name, social security number, birthday, email, postal address and employment details.

  • The amount you get from the state depends on your earnings over the last few quarters.

  • The Relief Act passed by Congress adds $600 to your UI benefits for up to four months. The $600 per week is on top of the amount of UI a worker gets from the state.

  • The legislation also adds 13 week of benefits. People nearing the maximum number of weeks allowed by their state--in Kentucky that's 26 week--will get an extension. New filers will be allowed to collect the benefits for the longer period.

  • Workers usually not covered by unemployment insurance can now file, including:

  • Self-employed, independent contractors, freelance workers substitute teachers 

  • Childcare workers employed by religious affiliated organizations and non-profits 

  • Virus-related good cause: Workers who left their job for “good cause” because of reasonable risk of exposure (self-quarantine) or to care for a family member affected by the virus are also eligible.

  • If you are denied unemployment benefits, you have the right to appeal. To appeal, you must request a hearing in writing. For free legal help, contact your local legal aid organization.

Apply on your day of the week based on your last name: 

Sunday: A-D

Monday: E-H

Tuesday: I-L

Wednesday: M-P

Thursday: Q-U

Friday: V-Z and anyone else who missed their day

Unemployment Insurance

Health Coverage

Medicaid and all public benefits:

- For Medicaid only call 1-855-459-6328

Marketplace healthcare:

- ​ If your income changes, you may be eligible to change to Medicaid or a lower-cost Marketplace plan. You can apply by
  reporting a change to your Marketplace application on

  • The Families First Coronavirus Response Act just passed by Congress says no one currently on Medicaid can lose their benefits until the National Disaster Declaration has been ended.

  • Anyone now unemployed can immediately apply for Medicaid.

  • Medicaid is included in the 3-month certification period extension.

  • ALL Medicaid co-pays and prior authorization requirements are suspended during this time.

  • State agency staff have been instructed to accept your own statements as proof of income for Medicaid.

Health Coverage
Food Resources

Food Resources

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP):

- Work, job search and participation requirements are suspended for all adults who get SNAP (food stamps).

For the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program:

- Contact your local health department or

- Call the Department of Public Health:1-502-564-3827

- You will no longer need to go in person to a WIC office for a pre-screening interview. Contact your health department 
 for a phone interview.

  • No Kid Hungry is giving out grants to school districts and community orgs.

  • School nutrition programs and offsite meals available while schools are closed: Find feeding sites.

  • DCBS staff have been instructed to accept people’s own statements as proof of income for SNAP, Medicaid and more until further notice.

Stimulus Check

The government is giving many adults in the U.S. money to help them out during the coronavirus pandemic. Eligible adults who make under $75,000 will receive $1200 ($2400 for a married couple) and $500 for each of their children.


Stimulus Check
Child Care Payments

Child Care Payments

To get child care payments visit:
ttps:// or call the Department for Community Based Services:1-855-306-8959

  • Continued Child Care Assistance Program payments to day care centers for qualified families. Kentucky also will cover co-payments usually paid by families themselves.

  • Job search, work and participation requirements are suspended for adults receiving Child Care Assistance Program.

Housing Assistance
Health and Safety

Housing Assistance

Stay Safe & Healthy

  • Evictions have been suspended statewide: Learn More

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