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Board Member Spotlight: Advocating for Justice and Empowerment

Today, we're shining a spotlight on one of our dedicated board members whose passion for advocacy extends beyond the office walls. Meet Lisa Gabbard, Treasurer and valued member of the Kentucky Equal Justice Center (KEJC) Board of Directors.

A Commitment to Empowerment

Lisa brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to advocacy to her role at KEJC. By day, Lisa serves as part of the state domestic violence coalition, ZeroV, where she focuses on certifying advocates and providing essential training to partner organizations. Her work directly impacts the lives of survivors, empowering them with the tools and support they need to rebuild their lives.

Joining the KEJC Board: A Natural Fit

Lisa's journey to the KEJC board began through a longstanding partnership. She proudly represents ZeroV as the third member from her organization to serve on the KEJC board, a testament to the collaborative spirit between the two organizations. Lisa's role as Treasurer places her at the heart of financial oversight, ensuring that KEJC remains fiscally sound and accountable in its mission to advocate for justice and equity.

Diverse Responsibilities on the Board

As Treasurer, Lisa is an integral part of the Executive Committee and the Audit Committee, where she guides strategic decision-making. Beyond financial stewardship, Lisa also contributes her insights to the Personnel Committee, where she helps shape the organization's future leadership and policies, and was recently a member of the Selection Committee for KEJC’s new Executive Director.

Finding Fulfillment in Service

What Lisa values most about her involvement with KEJC is its profound impact on Kentucky communities. KEJC’s work aligns closely with ZeroV's mission, and Lisa finds great satisfaction in knowing that her contributions help those most in need, making a tangible difference in their lives.

Life Beyond Advocacy

Outside of her professional and board commitments, Lisa leads a rich and fulfilling life. An avid birder, she is actively involved with the Frankfort Audubon Society Board, combining her love for nature with community engagement. Lisa cherishes quality time with her family and enjoys participating in local activities that enrich her connection to Frankfort and its vibrant community.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Lisa exemplifies the spirit of dedication and community service that defines KEJC. Her multifaceted roles both professionally and within the board showcase a commitment to justice and empowerment. We are grateful for Lisa's contributions and look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts in advancing equity and justice for all.

Stay tuned for more insights from our board members and learn how you can join us in advocating for a fair and just society.


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