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Is it too late to send a Declaration to my landlord to prevent eviction?

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Subject: Need help knowing what I should do

Hello my name is [redacted]. I recently lost my job during covid pandemic. I just started a new job and diligently trying to make up for unpaid December rent. Eviction to start soon. I have no where to go and not enough money to move. I just found out about a declaration or Eviction letter that I am to send to landlord today but I fear its too late to turn one in. I live in [redacted] County, Texas. Please help! I dont know what rights I have or how to fix this situation.

A scared homerenter sent us this question yesterday and we want to share our answer and guidance with you. Please share it with others who may need this information and encouragement.

Dear [redacted],

I got your email with questions about the eviction protections in the CDC's Order. You can find out whether you are eligible for those protections (and review, sign, and send the required Declaration to your landlord) at This is an app KEJC built to help people who rent their homes get the protection they are entitled to under the CDC's Order. Because the CDC's Order applies nationwide, anyone in the nation can use it.

You may have heard, but just in case: the newest relief package Congress just passed extends the CDC's protections until January 31st. (They were set to expire on December 31st.) So, it is very worth your time to see if you qualify for those protections and send the Declaration at So far, more than 24,000 people have used this app to protect themselves from eviction in this pandemic. [UPDATE 12/24: Since writing this, President Trump has indicated he might veto the bipartisan relief package that took months to negotiate, so the expiration of the CDC's eviction protections is still very much up in the air.]

It is not too late to turn in a Declaration. In fact, we believe a person is protected from being set out of their home even after an Order for eviction has been entered. All a person needs to do to be protected (in theory) is provide the Declaration to their landlord and that should prevent a set out. Should. We know that there are a lot of things that can prevent people from getting the protections they're entitled to and need, so we desperately recommend (beg) that you also contact the local legal aid organization in your community to ensure that your landlord does what he/she/it is supposed to do under the CDC's Order and you get the eviction protections so many people need right now. You can find your local legal aid organization here:

I hope this helps.

Stay healthy, stay home, stay strong,


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