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Construction Worker Reclaims $4,000

Just last month, a former Wage Claim Clinic client called us for a second appointment. We scheduled the appointment with a feeling of frustration. Second appointments usually mean the employer failed to pay.

But to our surprise, he came with great news: his employer had sent him a check for $4,000 of reclaimed wages.

This client came to us late last year with calendars filled with regular and overtime work hours from his construction position. His employer failed to pay him overtime, nor his promised rate of pay. As a result, our client demanded that his employer pay him $4,000 of missing wages.

At our Wage Claim Clinic, McKenzie Cantrell (Employment Law Attorney), Miranda Brown (Outreach Coordinator), and Beka Bruner (AmeriCorps VISTA) help people reclaim their wages by writing a demand letter to their past or current employer. The letter includes specific details of hours worked and the promised rate of pay, as well as the Kentucky statute that protects workers' rights: KRS 337.385. Our clinic helps an average of three clients each month -- completely free of charge.

Clients rarely come to us with the results of their demand letter, so we were overjoyed to learn that this client had reclaimed $4,000! Not only did he receive his wages, but he is now equipped to recognize and handle potential situations in which his rights are violated.

If you or someone you know is not being paid the wages they deserve, please call us at 859-667-4559 to schedule an appointment at our Wage Claim Clinic. The clinic takes place the third Wednesday of every month from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Walk-ins are also welcome, but appointments are preferred.

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Avery B
Avery B
Oct 06, 2021

Hi nicce reading your blog

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