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KEJC Stands in Solidarity as Communities Protest Murders

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Black lives matter. KEJC stands in solidarity with Black communities as they protest recent murders and longstanding racism. We take inspiration from struggles for justice so far and find hope in those to come. We mourn the loss of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and so many more.

Change will take steadfast work, guided by the voices and leaders of affected communities. We rededicate ourselves to calling out narratives that diminish and structures and policies that injure and deprive. As a mostly white organization, we pledge to listen.

We pledge to use our tools and privilege to help bring about change.

In our work on wage theft, we seek recovery of wrongly unpaid wages. We acknowledge the vast theft of earned wealth that went on for over 250 years and too often occurs today.

In our work on immigration law, we honor the hope of immigrants who see the America we could be and often risk their security to be our neighbors.

In health care we’ll use the tools at our disposal—including legal challenges—to fight too often deadly disparities that grow from a history of inequality and racism.

We don’t fully know the way ahead yet but we want to go there together with all of you who believe we must confront and end racism to fulfill the most resonant promises of our nation’s founding documents.


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