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Let's Improve Health Outcomes in the Commonwealth!

Miranda Brown

I'm KEJC’s Outreach Coordinator. I make sure Kentuckians know about resources in our community. I love my work because I get to help fellow Kentuckians get the health coverage they need to stay safe and to thrive.

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One of these Kentuckians is Amadeo. Amadeo was in a hospital in Louisville with a serious infection in his leg. His Medicaid was ending. The hospital told him that without health coverage, they couldn't continue to care for him and would have to release him. Amadeo still needed an operation to save his leg. He was afraid of what this could mean for his future.

Amadeo and I got connected. I helped him enroll in another type of Medicaid that would last longer. The new plan meant he could stay in the hospital for his operation. It also covered his follow-up care. Amadeo didn’t lose his leg. He completed his follow up appointments. He is now safe at home!

"You all were there in the moment I was in need, and I am thankful a thousand-fold." -Amadeo

Give now. Supporters like you make our outreach possible. There are more Kentuckians like Amadeo. We want to be there when they call on us. With your support, we will be!

Will you help us improve health outcomes in the Commonwealth?

Warm regards,

Miranda Brown

Outreach Coordinator

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