Maxwell Street Legal Clinic helps immigrant youth

It's a mini-version of the proposed Dream Act, but more limited. It does not create a new legal immigration status or a path to citizenship. But it does something important: it lets immigrant youth with good school and military records know they won’t be deported in the next two years—and provides authorization to work.

It's called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). We began helping prepare DACA applications when the program began in June 2012. Since then, we've helped more than 165 young people apply. 72 have been approved—with a success rate of 100% on decisions so far.

Staff and volunteers at Maxwell Street Legal Clinic

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In memory and recognition of Chris Frost

KEJC lost a devoted friend, mentor, and advocate Thursday with the passing of board member Chris Frost. As long running board chair, Chris took genuine pride in the work and achievements of KEJC staff