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Reclama Tus Derechos: KEJC on the radio

Do you need health coverage? Do you have insurance but are you unsure how to use it? Listen to KEJC’s radio show, Reclama Tus Derechos, and learn more about managing your family’s health care costs. Reclama Tus Derechos is KEJC’s Spanish radio show on El Pulso Latino, 95.7 FM. The show airs Fridays at 9 am and Mondays at 4 pm. Previous episodes are available online.

Since October 2017, Outreach Coordinator Miranda Brown and Employment Attorney McKenzie Cantrell have been bringing important workers’ rights information to the radio. Topics covered include discrimination, unions and wage and hour laws. Now, the show is expanding to look at health care. Miranda will be joined by AmeriCorps VISTA Corinna Svarlien to discuss Medicaid, Qualified Health Plans and options for the uninsured. Topics will include choosing the right doctor, understanding insurance costs and when to go the ER. The first episode in the health care series will air January 12, 2018. The episode will cover how to begin the new year with a new plan and how to file health care tax forms.

Don’t forget to tune in every Friday morning at 9:00! If you miss a show, you can catch it again Sunday at 10:30 am or Monday at 4 pm. Listen to 95.7 FM or stream the show online at

Miranda Brown and McKenzie Cantrell recording at Lexington Community Radio


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