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Together, we can ensure Kentuckians get the healthcare they deserve!

Miranda Brown

Dear Partner,

I’m Miranda, a kynector for Kentucky Equal Justice Center. I help people apply and enroll in health coverage on kynect, Kentucky’s state based marketplace. I often help people who have no idea that they are eligible for coverage to cover their medical expenses. People often come to me at a critical point in their life.

This year, one of those people was Brenda*. Brenda lives in a rural area of Kentucky. In May, she was in a brutal car wreck not far from her home. She was airlifted to a trauma center and spent fifteen days in the hospital. She says of that time “I thought that they wouldn’t help me in the hospital.” Her medical team restructured her face and set to work mending fractures in both of her legs and hands. She left the hospital in a wheelchair.

Still, she was afraid that her doctors wouldn’t see her for follow-up appointments and the physical therapy she needed. She contacted Kentucky Equal Justice Center. We helped Brenda enroll in Emergency Medicaid. Her Medicaid worked retroactively, covering her emergency care and has continued to cover her follow-up care six months later.

Brenda says, “Afterwards, when I already had insurance, it was like so much relief, so much peace because I was no longer worrying so much that they would give me my doctor visits, that the doctors would care for me because I had a way to pay. It was such a relief to have the insurance."

Give now! At KEJC, we believe everyone has a right to healthcare and to the peace that Brenda experienced. Brenda sends this message: "Thank you for being so kind and for being such a big help." Your generosity can support the critical work that KEJC does everyday!

Thank you,

Miranda Brown

Outreach Coordinator

*The client's name has been changed to protect confidentiality.


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