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You can help support workers like Maria!

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

McKenzie Cantrell

Dear Partner,

I'm McKenzie, KEJC's Employment Law Attorney. I help Kentucky workers understand their rights and get justice when those rights aren't upheld. I want to tell you about a client I recently worked with. Her name is Maria.

Maria worked for a cleaning company for eight years. She occasionally noticed discrepancies in her paycheck, missing a few hours of pay here and there. In May of this year, she went to the hospital with the flu. The doctor wrote her a work excuse for three days. She let her employer know.

The day before she was to return to work, her supervisor fired her. Maria worried about how she would make ends meet. To make things worse, the employer didn't pay her for her last day of work before getting sick, or for the 40 hours of vacation pay she had earned.

Maria reached out to KEJC. We helped her put her complaint into a letter, demanding a total of $704 in unpaid wages. Within weeks, the company sent her a check for the full amount, no questions asked.

Sometimes all it takes is letting an employer know that someone's watching them. Maria advocated for herself and trusted us to help her along the way.

Give now! Partners like you make it possible for us to help workers like Maria get the money they're owed. Can we count on you to show your support today?

Thank you,

McKenzie Cantrell

Employment Law Attorney


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