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UPDATED: Eviction Protection App

KEJC has updated our app at to reflect the new expiration date (January 31) of the CDC's protections. Last night (Dec. 31), the CDC released a new form that reflects the new expiration date. Now, generates an electronically signed Declaration a user can email their landlord from within the app or download for offline/alternate delivery to their landlord.

The app works nationwide.

At, people who rent their homes can:

🤓 Learn about the CDC Declaration,

📝 Electronically sign the Declaration,

📬 Email their landlord the Declaration

The app encourages users who want to just download or print the blank CDC Declaration to do so. It also links to the LSC's "legal aid finder" website to connect people with their local legal aid organization. We emphasize that

  1. landlords are finding loopholes and

  2. connecting with a lawyer is the best way to make these protections a reality.

But, for those people who want to deliver the Declaration to their landlord electronically from a computer or smartphone without having to fool with a printer or the post office or public transit, is a really good option. We've worked hard to ask only the questions that are necessary to help the user get this done and to explain things clearly.

So far, more than 25,000 people across the nation have used the app to send their landlord a Declaration. We're all working for a future where no one needs to sign a piece of paper before they can stay #HealthyAtHome in a pandemic, but until then, is a pretty useful tool.

Here's an email we got from a friend who works intake at an LSC-funded legal aid:

Just wanted to let you know how awesome the home renter declaration tool is. I got an application from an unemployed-due-to-COVID single mom of a 14-month old. She was being evicted for nonpayment of rent and had court the next morning. It was already after 5pm when I got her on the phone, so I knew an attorney probably wasn’t going to be able to talk to her before court. I gave her the website and she sent the declaration to the homeowner via facebook messenger. The judge continued her case until January 5th 2021. I consider that a win, for now. Hopefully renters will be getting some more/extended protections soon!

Two more points for those of you still reading:

  1. We are trying to get funding to be able to connect our users with housing advocates in their states/cities (opt-in, not sharing user data, obviously). KEJC just doesn't have the capacity to do that very quickly right now, which is super frustrating. But, that work is part of our theory of change, so stay tuned.

  2. If you work outside of Kentucky, please duplicate this app and localize it! At the app’s landing page, you can see a "Create Duplicate" button. The app we've created is very generic, but is able to provide users from Kentucky more detailed information. You can do the same for Texas or Kansas or Hawaii! I don't necessarily want a relationship with users outside of Kentucky (it's fine, I guess), but I'd much rather people facing eviction in Washington have a relationship with an organization in Washington.



Senior Litigation and Advocacy Counsel

Kentucky Equal Justice Center


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