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Maxwell Street Legal Clinic helps immigrant youth

It's a mini-version of the proposed Dream Act, but more limited. It does not create a new legal immigration status or a path to citizenship. But it does something important: it lets immigrant youth with good school and military records know they won’t be deported in the next two years—and provides authorization to work.

It's called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). We began helping prepare DACA applications when the program began in June 2012. Since then, we've helped more than 165 young people apply. 72 have been approved—with a success rate of 100% on decisions so far.

Health outreach: enrolling kids

Our Health Outreach team, Cara Stewart and Miranda Brown, goes to schools, universities, churches, and other community hot-spots to make sure people know about Kynect Open Enrollment for 2016 coverage. Miranda has a special focus: enrolling immigrants in coverage. She reaches out to low-income, Spanish-speaking and immigrant Kentuckians. This work is part of a statewide initiative by Kentucky legal services programs.

They're all working together to keep Kentuckians covered by health insurance that works for them. For more information, see the video on this page and our Maxwell St. Legal Clinic page. For help with enrollment, call Miranda at our toll free health outreach number: 1-800-699-0805.

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Kentucky's human trafficking measure

Governor Steve Beshear signed it. Sponsor Rep. Sanny Overly said it could be the strongest measure in the country. It’s Kentucky’s new human trafficking bill. See HB 3 summary here . Much of the bill focuses on child victims of trafficking. It offers them safe harbor instead of criminal charges when others coerce them into elicit activity. Kentucky Equal Justice Center’s Trent Taylor and Rich Seckel worked closely with human trafficking advocates to craft a civil wage theft provision to fit the effort. It says that employers who improperly fail to pay wages must repay them three times over if a court finds they engaged in forced or coerced labor.

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